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Project Absentis
Private Investigations for missing persons
With over 100 years of combined: intelligence, military, and law enforcement experience.

Non-Profit 501 (c)(3)

About Project Absentis

An Investigative team like no other.

Every team member at Project Absentis is passionate about helping families locate their missing loved ones.  Our team brings well over 100 years of combined military, law enforcement, and intelligence experience to each investigation.  We regularly partner with local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies to reunite families.

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Helping Families

We help families reunite with their missing loved ones.  Our extensive background in law enforcement helps us to partner with agencies worldwide.  With over 540K missing cases in 2020 many cases do not get the attention needed and we are here to fill that void. Every missing person is important to us and treated with the utmost respect and urgency.


  • Missing Children

  • Missing Adults

  • Endangered Missing

  • Abductions

  • Trafficking


Collect Evidence

Our experience and expertise aid law enforcement in the collection of evidence and case development.  Our ethical approach can help build a case that will stand up to prosecution.  Our team understands the demands put on agencies today and welcomes the opportunity to be a support and strength.  

  • Undercover work

  • Witness location

  • Evidence gathering

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Bring Awareness

At Project Absentis, one of our goals is to bring awareness and to educate individuals and families about the risks related to personal safety and how to implement safeguards in order to be prepared if faced with the frightening reality of locating a missing loved one.  We educate through speaking engagements with: 

  • Schools

  • Churches

  • Community organizations

  • Youth clubs

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Address: P.O. Box 1466
Helotes, Texas  78023

Phone: 210.954.1476

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