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Adolfo Baesa spent 21 years as a Special Agent in the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) before retiring in March 2018.  Upon completion of the FBI Academy, Adolfo reported to the San Antonio Division, where he spent 15 years working, in the McAllen Resident Agency (RA) and Austin RA. Adolfo also worked in the El Paso Division, Midland RA for 6 years totaling 21 years of service.  Early in his career, Adolfo worked on squads investigating Organized Drug Trafficking/OCDTF, Transnational Drug Organizations/DEA HIDTA, Violent Crimes, Safes Street Task Force/Gangs, Bank Robbery, Human Trafficking, Public Corruption, Kidnapping Violations, Counter Intelligence and Surveillance.  He also served as the Training Coordinator for the Safe Streets Task Force, Training Agent Development Program Coordinator, Training Agent, and Crisis Management Coordinator for the FBI.  Adolfo spent the last years of his career assigned to the HUMIT Squad Implementing intelligence-gathering strategies.  In this capacity, Adolfo assisted all squads in the Division/RA’s with intelligence directives for each squad violation. 

Adolfo had several collateral duties while serving in the FBI, including Training Coordinator, Recruitment, Community Outreach, Crisis Management Coordinator, New Agent Development Program Coordinator, National Academy (NA) Coordinator, Certified Undercover Employee (UCE), and Undercover SafeGuard Unit Counselor, Mentor, Rater/Roll Player, Phase II New Agent Assessor, Tier I/ Level I Testing and Instructor for the FBI.  In addition, Adolfo served as a Senior Team Member for the Evidence Response Team (ERT) and processed crime scenes which included the Space Shuttle Columbia Disaster, World Trade Center -September 11 Attack, Dallas TX Police Officer Attack, and Sutherland Springs Church Shooting.  


Prior to working for the FBI, Adolfo worked, at the Midland Police Department for 8 years.  While at Midland Police Department (MPD) He worked in Field Operations as a Patrol Officer and was promoted to Criminal Investigative Division (CID) as a Detective in Property Crimes.  While at MPD, Adolfo’s collateral duties included, Field Training Officer (FTO), Bike Patrol Officer, Low Patrol (Gang Suppression Project), and Crime Oriented Policing (COP) projects.


Adolfo graduated from Sam Houston State University with a Bachelor of Science degree, in Criminology Corrections.  He has his Private Investigations License and lives in South TX.  Adolfo has worked, as Director of Security, in the Oil and Gas industry providing security camera systems and automation in rugged off-grid environments. 

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